February 2019

Extreme Weather In The U.S.

Most of us are used to our gardens being pretty dormant during this time of year, especially if you live in an area with heavy snowfall or unpredictable weather. I live in the Midwest, where it was a balmy 65 degrees one day last week and freezing with snow the next, so we know that there's always a risk of another frost popping up after we get our shoots going in the spring. How many of you have lost carefully tended baby plants after a late frost sprung itself on you? I know I have.

History Of Video Games

Animated TED Talks (and other animated lessons, really) are some of my favorite ways to learn things, and this Brief History of Video Games (part 1) is very interesting if you're a gamer or have ever enjoyed playing games from any period in time. Not only does Medium Invader (from Space Invaders) narrate the tale, but the video also discusses the various uses of video games throughout history.

Mushrooms, Ricotta And Pancakes, Oh My

The problem with so many keto-worthy recipes is that they usually end up being way too eggy, since so many require an egg substitute for pancakes, crust, bread and so forth. (Insider tip? Just use two slices of cheddar for your sandwich crust. It's just as good once you're used to it!) this galette recipe, which features mushroom and ricotta prominently, does have eggs but it's such a yummy adaptation that you might not even realize it's not a real savory pancake!

Huge Fox Rescue Operation

While I'll never shame anyone who has ever had to hunt meat to survivie and wear that meat's fur, I'll never understand the sale of fur as a luxury item. Why would you want to wear a living being's skin on your own skin, and why on earth would you ever think that it's something to celebrate? Activists who rescue animals from fur farms believe the same thing, and recently some activists freed 170 white foxes from a Chinese fur farm to prevent their deaths.

Nuclear Reactors 657 - Congress Investigates Plans To Export Nuclear Technology To Saudi Arabia

        I have blogged before about the Saudi Arabian quest for nuclear power. Major suppliers of nuclear technology are competing to supply Saudi Arabia with nuclear power reactors. However, there are concerns that Saudi Arabia might turn nuclear technology towards the development of nuclear weapons. This is a major impediment to the export of U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

Radioactive Waste 381 - Radioactive Effluents From Nuclear Facilities On Coasts Are Blown Back Onto Land By Prevailing Winds

UK Sellafield.jpg

Sellafield Nuclear Facility

       There are a variety of problems involving nuclear power and water. One big issue is the fact that bodies of water are becoming too hot in some cases to be used to cool nearby nuclear reactors. Another problem is simply falling levels of water that are needed for cooling. Major hurricanes that might damage nuclear power plants are a third concern.

Baby Caracals Will Make You Smile

If the news has you down, this collection of baby caracals will perk up your spirits. Thinking Humanity is great at collecting fun photos of different animals but these baby caracals may be just what you need to get through the day, especially if the idea of a national emergency over not healthcare or global warming or Flint's water but a border wall has you growling every five seconds.

Well-Read Black Girl

Have you ever wished that you could join a book club that exists nation-wide for women celebrating both Black readers and writers? Well-Read Black Girl is one such club. Since 2015 the club has highlighted favorite authors like Toni Morrison and Alice Walker as well as many newer writers that you might not be as familiar with. Like in-person book clubs, there are monthly meetings where members can discuss each month's selection as well as Twitter chats, readings and even an annual festival!

Favorite Savory Dips

Strictly speaking, dips aren't actually dessert material unless they're of the sweet variety, but for those who prefer savory bites, a dip can make a fantastic end-of-meal treat or a snack on its own with your favorite dippables, whether they be pita chips, crisps, pretzels or vegetables. I've always been a dip lover and have enjoyed dips my whole life, so I'll often take a good savory dip over a sweet one any day. Ranch and French onion are some of my all-time favorites, and both are so much better when made with fresh ingredients.