February 2019


Experts are saying that many people experience winter doldrums once the magic of Christmas has faded away, and they suggest scheduling other fun events and holidays to keep those feelings alive. We're really just a society starved for connection and we desperately need those close interactions with family and friends. One cool idea is to have an annual Booksgiving.

Blender Cupcakes

Are you a fan of cakes made in mugs? How about quick fat bombs, cheesecakes and other fast desserts? If so, you're like me, so welcome. I LOVE sweets, but I don't love the carbs or calories, not to mention the time it takes to put many sweet dishes together. So when I read about these blender cupcakes that are not only easy to make but also keto-friendly, I figured why not try them?

Radioactive Waste 378 - Germany Has To Deal With Nuclear Waste Stored In The Old Asse Potash Mine

       Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March of 2011, Germany made a commitment to shut down all of its nuclear power reactors. Eight of the seventeen nuclear power reactors in Germany have now been shut down and the rest are scheduled to be shut down by 2022.

Nuclear Reactors 655 - Russia And China Working On Exporting Nuclear Technology To African Nations

        I have briefly mentioned Africa on this blog in the past. There are fifty-two countries in Africa but only one of them, South Africa, has a nuclear reactor. Countries that manufacture nuclear reactors and produce nuclear fuel, especially Russia and China, see Africa as a great future market for nuclear power to provide desperately needed electrification to the developing countries there.

University of Utrecht Developing A New Dual Image System For Medical X-ray And Gamma Ray Diagnosis And Treatment.

       I have mentioned medical images with radioactive isotopes occasionally in this blog. Today I am going to delve into detail on a recent development in using radioisotopes in diagnostics and treatment. Researchers at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands have built a prototype device that combines a fluoroscope, a flat panel X-ray detector, combined with a gamma ray camera.

Do The Dead Give You Chills?

Many of us get chills from music that moves us, whether it's our favorite Grateful Dead song, choir music or something that we connect with a special moment in our lives. It turns out that those of us who do have structural differences in our brains that include more fibers that connect audio processing with emotional processing, resulting in those feels that we get when we hear a special song. 

Sexy Valentine's Drinks

A tasty drink can really make a date something special, whether it's a romantic night out, some self-care in or a Galentine's or Brotines Day event! You can celebrate with a number of sexy valentine cocktails, and the sky is the limit when it comes to recipes online. Try something like a Sex in the Driveway, made with peach vodka, blueberry lemonade water enhancer, cherry and diet Sprite.

We Don't Have Blue Blood

It's so embarrassing to see the myths we perpetuated as kids debunked on the Internet sometimes, isn't it? Some of us will fight to the death to proclaim Pluto's planetary status or that the Great Wall of China is visible from space but the fact remains that humans are proven wrong every day. We really shouldn't be embarrassed, though; instead, we should be open to learning from mistakes and moving forward.


Bioluminescence may not seem to be that weird today after many of us have seen it online for many years now, but it never ceases to amaze me. As a kid, I never knew about this wonderful phenomenon and I still remember the first time I saw glowing plankton on YouTube or NatGeo or somewhere. I may not recall where but I do remember that unearthly glow that made me take a breath and remember how much magic there is in science. 

Environmental 10-Year Challenge

So many "10 year challenges" are making their ways around the Internet, and while some of them have been fun, such as the share your first Facebook photo and your latest one, many have been offensive, nasty and, in this case, depressing. Greenpeace released a 10-year challenge featuring photos of the environment from 10 years ago versus our environment today and we can't say we're all that shocked. Can you?

The Confessional

One of the things that's most beloved about Valentine's Day is that it's the time of year when everyone seems to go after something sweet. The more I learn about sugar and try to stay away from it, the more special these treats become, so I want them to come from a really good place! The Confectional at Pike Place Market is one such place and I really love that you can get a smaller dessert there to avoid overdoing it, too.

CNY Crafts

It's the Year of the Pig! Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? It's such a beautiful holiday and though we're not Chinese, my family and I still like to read about it and admire the holiday from afar. We used to make our own crafts like these, but the more we talk about appreciating and not appropriating cultures that aren't ours, the more we feel like we should just purchase art from authentic artists and appreciate rather than try to replicate anything.