February 2019

Things You Know That No One Else Does

As a Grateful Dead lover, you're more likely a Baby Boomer or older, maybe even a Millennial, but it's less likely that you're from Gen Z. So when this list of things that people prior to that generation might understand while Gen Z's absolutely don't understand at all comes around, you can probably bask in some major nostalgic glow over knowing these ancient secrets, like what camera film once looked like.

Late Term Abortions

Most of the people who are against abortion will never need one performed on their own body. That's a pretty disgusting fact but there it is; they're also the ones making laws against them. Then there are the women who can either easily have children without complications, got lucky when they had complications or judge other women based on their own religion, political ideology or husband's beliefs and we're really just tired of you ALL. You can all go home now, mmkay? Because the fact remains that NOBODY WANTS to have an abortion, and certainly not a late-term one. 

Rose Quartz Latte

Before reading this post at Elana's Pantry, I had no idea that such a thing as a rose quartz latte existed, but here is the recipe! It looks like a beautiful drink made from coconut milk, beet powder, rose water, vanilla stevia, vanilla powder and cacao butter. It's slighly more complicated than other keto drinks I've made (many just call for heating, blending and serving, which is one of the joys of keto cooking!) but it looks so pretty and yummy that I really want to make it.

Roahd Dahl Lost Daughter To Measles

As a homeschooler, I happen to know many "anti-vaxxers" who don't vaccinate their kids. While I understand their concerns, I have my own concerns on the validity of their research (remember when we used to say, "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet?" Somehow that's made a complete reversal), and personally I have witnessed so many kids saved by vaccines that I gladly make the choice to vaccinate and am grateful that I have the science and technology to do so.

Xi'an Noodles

Chinese noodles make my heart sing and even though I normally avoid carbs at all costs, I find myself drawn to them a few times a year just because I love them so much. I make my own zoodles at home but they sure aren't the same, are they? In Seattle, if you're looking for some really yummy noodles, Xi'an Noodles is the place to go.


Chances are that you've seen an example of amigurumi at some point in your life, but did you know what it was? Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting tiny, adorable creatures, often featuring human-like expressions. The art has caught on around the world and many people sell their creations online, especially those who make amigurumi fandom creatures from Harry Potter, Marvel, Pokemon and other beloved franchises.

How Well Do You Know Lois Griffin?

Online quizzes are abundant enough to come in a wide variety of qualities, yet they remain one of our favorite ways to celebrate our fandoms. Yesterday I bombed a tough Harry Potter quiz despite winning Harry Potter trivia at a local event so it just goes to show that it depends on how it's written, what you know and how big of a fan you are! This quiz celebrates the Griffin family matriarch, Lois, and asks just how well you know Lois Griffin.

Monarchs On The Decline

All of nature is connected, and butterflies and frogs seem to go hand-in-hand when it comes to habitat growth as well as destruction. The loss of monarch butterflies should make us deeply concerned to begin with, but it should also raise a flag regarding what that loss means for other species, too. With a 99% decline in the species throughout recent years, we can't help but wonder whether or not it's even possible to recover the species from these terrible losses. 

80s Heartthrobs Before They Were Famous

Seeing all of our old crushes before they were famous isn't only a nice reminder that everyone starts somewhere, but it's also just plain fun to do. Some of my favorite 80s heartthrobs, like Wil Wheaton and River Phoenix, grew up on camera and were stars before they were even crush-worthy, so their before-and-after pics aren't as suprising as some others are. 

Spot The Crocus

The groundhog might have predicted an early spring, but we've had enough ice and snow where I live to be wary of a rodent's whims. We've had more consistent snow than usual this year, which I've honestly enjoyed so long as it didn't interfere with driving conditions (as it sometimes did), and I was able to show my daughter what winters were like when I was a kid and snow was more common. It's too bad that she didn't get to enjoy that as much growing up, as she's a teen and not as inclined to play in the snow as much as she used to be.

Hubble Telescope Photobombing

There are plenty of galaxies out there that we haven't discovered yet and one of them just said hello by photobombing the Hubble Telescope. While taking photos of the star cluster NGC the Hubble Telescope managed to capture a super small galaxy at the same time, surprising scientists and making an accidental discovery all at once. NASA says that the galaxy is about as old as our universe and can teach us many things about how galaxies change over time.

Cute Pancakes For The Kids

Growing up I always loved to make silly things for my sisters to eat. One of them was pancakes in various shapes or food colorings. My own daughter isn't a big pancake fan so while she's enjoyed other silly creations, it's not something I've made in recent years, but we have made pancake art just for fun. I've been thinking about how much fun it was to make these shapes, though. Since I now babysit my niece, who is two years old, I think we'll have to try some cute pancakes soon!

Do Animals Hate Winter

My mom has tiny Yorkie dogs who HATE the winter. They'll barely go outside to do their business when it's 35 degrees. My dogs, on the other hand, are 60-pound Australian cattle dog mixes and they love romping around in the snow. Their bellies don't scrape the ground, which I think helps a lot, and they are so high-energy compared to my mom's frail little guys that I think they just love to run no matter what.

Rhyming Memes

My daughter's total lack of interest in poetry is something that I tended to blame myself for. I think I must've just not introduced it well to her. I've been thinking about it more often, though, and I think she likes a lot more poetry than she realizes. 

Kill Vs. No-Kill Animal Shelters

When we hear that animals are sent to a "no-kill" shelter, it often makes us feel better, doesn't it? When I hear about people "releasing" their pets, we think it's better if the shelter they go to is a no-kill one. I try not to judge people who have to find new homes for animals, as I've had to help my mom do the same when my father suffered a near-fatal accident that left her unable to care for a pet, and after my daughter came home from the NICU 13 years ago on an oxygen tank with a hose that had to go through the house that our beloved cats would have destroyed.