September 2012

Offset Mortgages. A dream for well off homeowners

Offset mortgages represent one of the biggest mortgage innovations seen in recent years. Six years ago there was hardly an offset mortgage to be seen. Now they and the current account mortgage, to which they are closely related, account for 10 out of every 100 of new lending.

What's more, one of the UK 's large lenders believes that 25% of existing mortgage holders would be better off with an offset mortgage. So if you're in the market for a mortgage you need to know what they're all about. Otherwise you could be missing out.

Firstly, how does an offset mortgage work?

Portable generators: Useful resource when the power's out

Brand name generators save money.

When you look into your home, you may think that you should not have any issues at all because everything inside of your home is perfect. Then when you lose your power, you notice that it is going to be impossible to have that perfect home that you dreamed of. That is when you should know the reasons why you should purchase name brand portable generators vs. the non-name brand models.

One reason to purchase name brand portable generators is that they generally will have more information available about them. Since they have more information available about them, you should have the ability to determine if they can do the work for you or not. Then you can read all the reviews that are present to see what model people recommend for use.

Which CFL will give me the same light as my current bulb?

Check out the lumens.

Compact fluorescent bulbs can help you to save energy in your home.  A common question when it comes to compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, is which bulb should you use to get the same light output as your current incandescent light bulbs?

One way to compare light bulbs (and probably the best way) is to compare the lumens emitted by each light bulb.  You will typically find the lumens output on the package of the light bulb.  In many jurisdictions, the lumens are required by law to be printed on the packaging.  All you have to do is find the lumens on your current light bulb and buy a CFL with comparable lumens to achieve the same light output.