July 2012

T-12 change-over to T-8

Get ready!

The 1.5" fluorescent tubular bulbs are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  Effective July 14, 2012, manufacturers are no longer allowed to manufacture these light bulbs according to a federal mandate.  Retailers will sell out of their current stock but no more will be brought in to replenish that stock.  New construction homes, for the most part, have already put up fixtures that take the thinner and more energy efficient T-8 bulbs. 

T-12 bulbs still account for roughly 1/3 of light bulb sales.  Typically T-12 bulbs use about 40 watts of energy where a T-8 bulb uses only 32-watts of energy to produce the same amount of light.  That doesn't sound like much but multiply that by how many hours the light is used and then multiply that by the number of fixtures throughout the country.  It adds up.

Keeping cool in a hot house

Beating the heat without A/C.

Record breaking heat has affected nearly every state in the U.S. these last few weeks. For many of us, especially those of us in older homes, central air conditioning isn't available. Even if you have air, the heat and heavy use could be taxing the system or your wallet when the electric bill comes in. How do you beat the heat without breaking a sweat?

What type of ladder do you need?

How are you going to use it?

What kind of ladder should you buy for your household?  The answer to that question depends on how the ladder will be used.  When thinking about what type of ladder you'll need you'll also need to consider what type of material it should be made of as discussed previously.  Let's look at some different types of ladders and how they are used so that you can decide which one is best for you.
Extension:  Extension ladders are used primarily outdoors.  If you have a higher pitched roof, a two story home or you just need to get up high, then this is probably the ladder for you.  Extension ladders extend out to sometimes 32 or more feet.  Be certain to follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines on the ladder.