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Holiday Housewarming Gift Idea

Unlike with some of the other topics I write about I didn't have to search far and wide for information in order for me to find the perfect holiday housewarming gift idea. Last year, when my husband and I moved into our new apartment, my parents gave us a huge holiday wreath that my dad had won at a party. It's homemade and beautiful, filled with an assortment of items designed to promote holiday cheer. While we lived in a fairly safe area I was worried that the wreath would get stolen if we placed it on our front door and since I spend most of my time working indoors, I wanted something pretty to look at during the holidays. Others I know enjoy placing a decorative wreath outside where everyone who comes up to the front door can see it.

Present a holiday wreath to the new homeowners in your life. Find one that will work both indoors and out as they may not want to place one on their front door. Do some detective work to find out the potential color scheme that the new homeowners are working with. For example, lets say you find out that they want to use the color gold as an accent color. You could get them a green wreath with gold decorations on it. Someone who decides to decorate using a primarily white color may like a green wreath dusted with materials that make it appear as snow against a deep green forest. The homeowner who loves red will love a holiday wreath made with the same shade used for decorating the home.