What types of materials are ladders made out of?

What types of materials are ladders made out of?

What kind of ladder should I be using?

Ladders are used for many tasks, both on the job and at home. They are made of essentially four different types of materials. These materials are usually wood, aluminum, fiberglass and steel.  Let’s take a further look at these ladders and their common purposes.

Wood: Wood ladders are usually found in the home setting. They are great for little stepladders inside the home. They are also very affordable which also makes them an excellent ladder for home. They do however, lack the durability of some ladders and are quite heavy.

Aluminum: Aluminum stepladders work great for the longer extension ladders because of their light weight. They are still very affordable for the homeowner. They lack a little in durability because the ease of which aluminum can be bent.  Be careful around electricity because aluminum ladders do conduct electricity well. 

Fiberglass: Fiberglass ladders are also lightweight and offer the durability that aluminum ladders don’t. Professionals choose this ladder over wood or aluminum ladders because of its light weight and durability. It is much safer around electricity than the aluminum ladder. The fiberglass ladder can be a little more than a homeowner wants to get into as far as price. Most homeowners just rent fiberglass ladders when needed.

Steel: Steel ladders are probably the work horse of the bunch when it comes to ladders.  You’ll typically find rolling steel ladders in warehouses or retail environments because of their durability.  It goes without saying that one needs to be careful around electricity with a steel ladder.

When purchasing a ladder, consider how and where the ladder will be used.  Never attempt to repair or alter a ladder due to safety reasons.  Pay attention to the ladder’s weight rating and don’t exceed the manufacturer specifications.