Spring hinges

Spring hinges

What types of spring hinges are out there?

A spring hinge is a type of hinge that is used when you would like to be sure that a door will close completely.  Spring hinges come in various types depending on where the hinge will be used. A spring hinge is commonly called a self closing hinge.  Self closing hinges typically come with a set screw that has an Allen wrench head to easily adjust the tension of the spring and the close rate of the hinge.  The tension will need to be adjusted to be more kid-friendly or even adult-friendly if the door closes too fast.  Most times a spring loaded hinge will only be used in the place of one of the normal butt hinges. 

A hinge similar to the self closing hinge is the double acting hinge.  Double acting hinges are commonly known also as café door hinges or saloon door hinges.  Picture the bad guy walking through the saloon door in the old western movies.  The door that the bad guy walks through is operated by a double acting hinge. 

Spring loaded hinges can also be used in outdoor applications.  A typical outdoor use is for gates on fences or deck railings.  They come in different types for use with wood or metal fences or railings.

When shopping for spring loaded hinges, be prepared with some important information.  Perhaps the most important piece of information you will need is the finish.  Do you need bright brass, antique brass, satin nickel, bronze, or some other type of finish?  Keep in mind also the radius of the corners.  Is the corner of the hinge squared off, or is it rounded?  How rounded off is the corner?  The best bet is to take the old hinge with you when you go to the hardware store or take a stencil with you to help get the type of hinge you need.  You can even take a picture; just don’t forget to take measurements as well.