Sheetrock Too Damaged? Paneling is an Inexpensive Fix

Sheetrock Too Damaged? Paneling is an Inexpensive Fix

Small holes, dents and cuts in sheetrock can usually be repaired quickly and inexpensively.  Larger holes can turn into a huge project to repair, because they need to be filled and braced to be sure they stay solid.  Sometimes, it can be more cost effective, if not easier, to just cover over the offending area with paneling.

Paneling is easy to install and an entire room can sometimes be done in less time than it would take to patch and repair a large hole in the sheetrock.  Paneling is also very versatile and can be painted over to match the room any time you change your design, plus you can install it directly over the damaged sheetrock without any special preparation.

Installing paneling requires no special equipment – just a hammer and finishing nails, plus a way to cut it to size.  Panels come in standard sizes of four by eight feet, so cutting should be minimal unless you have a lot of doors and windows in the room.

You will need to cut out around outlets and fixtures, but once you install paneling it can provide a very polished and finished look.  Today’s paneling is much fancier than the paneling of earlier days.  You can buy paneling that looks just like wood, or with unique patterns on it.

If you simply don’t have the time to do lengthy repairs on sheetrock, or are trying to get the job done on a tight budget, paneling can be a great solution to large sheetrock damage.