Rope has many uses

Rope has many uses

What rope should you use for your purpose?

Rope is often used instead of chain especially when more flexibility is needed. Rope can be purchased in many different strength ratings. Let's take a look at some of the varying types of rope according to how and where they are used
Nylon Rope: Nylon rope is typically used when one is looking for strength and durability. It is resistant to both UV rays, water and chemicals. Nylon rope is commonly used for towing, tying loads down, pulley systems and fall protection.

Polypropylene Rope: Polypropylene rope floats. It is non-conducive to electricity and ties a nice strong knot. You'll find this rope commonly around water or electricity or where knot strength is a priority.

Manila Rope: Manila rope is the rope that we all picture in our minds when we think of rope. It is commonly used for swing sets, obstacle courses or wherever appearance is an issue.

Parachute Cord: Parachute cord will commonly be found being used for recreational purposes such as camping or hobbies.

Kevlar Rope: Due to its high heat resistance, Kevlar rope will be used wherever the rope is exposed to high heat.

Bungee Cord: Bungee cord is also used for recreation. You'll also commonly find bungee cord in a truck because it is very good for tying down loads due to its elasticity.

These are some of the most common types of rope. Rope has been around for centuries. The fact that we still use it frequently today is just a testament as to how useful it is.