Decorative painting techniques

Decorative painting techniques

Tape is the secret


Do you love wallpaper but hate the options available? Or maybe you want something a little easier to install and touch up down the road? You can use paint to get the same look of paper and it isn't as difficult as you think.



Pin stripes are one of my favorite techniques. Go bold with two colors or create an understated style with two shades of the same color. Paint the wall the lighter color first and let it dry completely. Then lay out your stripes with painters tape. Paint again with the darker color. Peel of the tape and voila! Perfect stripes. I like to use this technique beneath a chair rail, with a solid color above the rail. You can do small or wide stripes, depending on your preferences.

Faux picture frames are another paint technique that just requires tape. Tape off a square or rectangle on the wall. Measure out a few inches and tape of a second larger square around the first. Paint the space between the two with a paint that contrasts with the surrounding wall. The result in a perfect square frame to hang artwork inside of.


You an use tape to make outlines of more complex shapes. Paint inside the taped lines then peel off the tape to reveal a lovely silhouette mural. You can take this a step further and use the tape to create a large design on the wall. For example, tape off a large diamond or checkerboard pattern. Use two colors of paint or two shades of the same color to transfer the pattern to the wall.