Blowtorch: Not Just For Handiwork

Blowtorch: Not Just For Handiwork

I have a small blowtorch in my garage that I like to occasionally use for home projects. Whenever I need a specific spot heated quickly, I get it out and it heats things up fast. While it’s primarily used for crafts and odd jobs around the house, my wife uses it in a very different place: the kitchen.

While not a professional chef, my wife’s culinary instincts are phenomenal. People are always asking her to cook for parties and bring dishes to events. It’s part of the reason why I’m a tad bit on the heavy side. It might be surprising some of the things she uses in the kitchen including my blowtorch.

One of the dishes my wife makes on a regular basis for parties and even occasionally private dining is crème brulee. It an amazing dessert, but you create a dark spot on the top through caramelizing. This means melting the sugars using a very high heat. What’s that heat source? My blow torch.

She also uses it for any type of flambeau and even occasionally on meat. You don’t now fresh ness until you have literally cooked every piece of meat in a steak using a blow torch. The meat is hot, fresh and so tasty. Every bit of flavor is sealed in and it beats anything I have had a restaurant.

The kitchen has many tools that are for exclusive use, but it doesn’t hurt to think outside the box every now and then. Even home improvement items can have their artful uses.