Closing down the house
Winter weather preparation
Oct 5, 2012
Portable generators: Useful resource when the power's out
Brand name generators save money.
Sep 13, 2012
Which CFL will give me the same light as my current bulb?
Check out the lumens.
Sep 3, 2012
Dimmers for LED & compact fluorescent light bulbs
You've replaced the light bulb, but don't forget the dimmer.
Aug 29, 2012
Housewarming gift idea: gift cards
Aug 4, 2012
T-12 change-over to T-8
Get ready!
Jul 20, 2012
Keeping cool in a hot house
Beating the heat without A/C.
Jul 19, 2012
What type of ladder do you need?
How are you going to use it?
Jul 12, 2012
What types of materials are ladders made out of?
What kind of ladder should I be using?
Jul 3, 2012
Rope has many uses
What rope should you use for your purpose?
Jun 23, 2012
Cheap landscaping
Decorating with different, scavenged objects.
May 30, 2012
Decorating a impermanent apartment
... pointers for making a small apartment look like an adult and comfortable living space
May 30, 2012
Enjoy summer - outdoors
Keeping summer simple.
May 23, 2012